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The Legendary Beginnings of Endora

Cover image by the author using Inkarnate.

Written in the voice of an NPC (Non-Player Character) Dwarf

Magic Book by freeminds – DEVIANTART

The Story of Endora

By: Lachlan Scribehammer— Master Scribe of Endora

Lost to history. Forgotten with time. Unknown through the eyes of the world, the ancient people known as the Davi have become less than myth, less than a rumour, and less than a faded echo of the past. No words exist in any tome. No whispers of any stories. No faded memories linger to this day. They have all been forgotten.

This was not the life X’Kalivan Fade wanted for himself. This is not the life his closest friends wanted. They travelled the world, but everywhere they went, they were forgotten.

You see, the Davi are not so easily remembered. Every aspect of them fades from the minds of those who encounter them. At first, it is difficult to remember features, hair colour, eyes, distinguishing marks. Then their names slip away, their gender, their race. Soon, they are all but forgotten. Your entire interaction falls from memory as if it never occurred in the first place.

But these Davi wanted more. They wanted friends outside their race. They wanted a family, a community to belong to. They wanted to be remembered. When X’Kalivan acquired the deed to land long forgotten, tossed away by the ancient Davi, he knew this was an opportunity to cease all that he had desired.

They set out, X’Kalivan Fade, Kyr’rha Star, X’Agon Feral, the siblings, Sorin and Sora Bane, and the Half-Davi, Rayla Moon. Together they would find those that would establish their new city, to be the founders along with them. And eventually, it would be named Endora.



These are the founders of Endora:

Acheron Fiendfyre


Brannigan Cardwell

Bulgruf Hargreaves

Gannicus Gendry

Hadvar Renley

Hadwick Renley


Kyr’rha Star

Lachlan Scribehammer

Maple SaplingSplitter

Rayla Moon


Sorin Bane

Sora Bane


X’Agon Feral

X’Kalivan Fade



The Battle for Endora

They journeyed north of Irdivine. Siopa was smuggled out of the city on false charges of murder and real charges of theft. Acheron was absent from the journey as he did not arrive at the appointed time. During their travel, Trizzo, the Half-Dragon Drow, came upon an egg. A dragon egg. But more specifically, this egg was that of an Adamantine Dragon. Hearts as dark as their scales.

When they arrived near the land that would become home, they did not know what would await them. X’Kalivan requested volunteers to scout the abandoned village before the rest of the caravan moved in. A tactical move that could surely only benefit the founders.

Azar, Kova, Maple, Siopa and Trizzo, whose names you ought to remember, were sent ahead to spy. Clumsily they entered the old village and all but announced their arrival. Soon, they were overwhelmed by a hoard of goblins. The war had begun.

The battle was fierce but they fought not alone. Magic cast from allied hands, Acheron came to view. Trapped between the real and the spirit, he was with them all along. More and more and never-ending, they were tired and they were weary. Only three remained but it proved too much and one by one they fell. The goblin king would reign supreme.

But the last to fall would witness a wondrous sight to behold. A whirling dervish of grace and power as X’Kalivan tore through the Goblin King with ease.



A New Beginning

Thanks to X’Kalivan, not a soul among them died. And all six were given the title of Paragon.

– Acheron Fiendfyre

The only known member of his species… Dogefolk. A Sorcerer and a Magi of the Mystic Veil. Acheron is known as the Master of the Mystic Veil and Sorcerer Supreme. He is a former emissary of Tiamat and is the Chosen of Big Daddy Sorce.

– Azar

Half-Nymph/Half-Kender. A true firecracker. She is a Charismatic Chameleon, using nature’s energy to mimic spells and potions. She is married to Von Dae-El, a Half-Houri Aasimar. She is the Chosen of Phoera.

– Kova

Half-Dragon Air Genasi. Pack Alpha of an army of animals. Moonblade bonded. Married to the legendary Korvin Evan’Throque. She is the Chosen of Luna.

– Maple SaplingSplitter

Half-Kender Wood-Elf but more Kender than Kender. The greatest engineer in all the land. There isn’t anything in the known world that she cannot build or fix.



– Siopa

A former Wolfkin turned Spirit Wolf. Even after death Siopa walks the earth as the Chosen of the Spirit Realm. His consciousness merged with a Dragonborn named Osstrawban. The two have become one.

– Trizzo

The Half-Dragon Drow. Also known as Trizzo the Redeemer and Trizzo the Mighty. Former slave and Dragonfiend of Tiamat, he is the Chosen of Nemesis Cain.

Trizzo’s Redeemed: Spyler (Adamantine Dragon); Kismet, the Sniper (Former Assassin); 10 members of the Crimson Cartel, Lima (Swamp Hag) and Nikel (Kyton).

Paragons whose mission was that of importance set out at once without any delay. To open diplomatic trade routes with cities nearby. To find merchants and workers, treasure and supplies. To Pandoria, Draco’s Den, New Vanguard and Pineloche. To Khazammar, Desertgate, Marvel City and Irdivine.

The Paragons travelled for a year and a day. Their stories were great in number and deed. But you’ve heard the tales, the stories, the songs… they’re all too important for a few simple bars.

This is the story of Endora, not the tale of our Paragons. While there is still much to tell, each one is deserving of their own separate tome.

Expect them.



While the paragons were away, a town had to be raised. The founders remaining were tasked each a post to bring Endora to prominence and praise.

– Gannicus Gendry

A human, a carpenter, a genuine hard worker. Gannicus was placed in charge of construction and all of the builders.

– Bulgruf Hargreaves

Dwelf stonemason. He was in charge of the foundation and all the builds underground. With Gannicus, they built Endora from the underground up.

– Hadvar and Hadwick Renley

Father and son. Human. Farmers. They kept Endora fed, a harvest aplenty. Hadwick Farms is a staple of the growing town.

– Brannigan Cardwell

Human. Every town needs a Smith. For weapons and armour, for fittings and nails. These are the hands that never slow down.

– Lachlan Scribehammer

Dwarf. Scribe. Cunning Linguist. This is the first of my works with plenty to come.

These are the roles each one would take on. Envisioned by X’Kalivan, we were chosen for our gifts.



And now for the Davi, whose town it belongs. The Leaders of Endora.

– Kyr’rha Star

The supreme, the queen, the Prima of Endora. She leads the people with grace and charisma.

– Rayla Moon

A master of stealth and quick with a blade, she took on the role of spymaster, the Primogen Scourge. She is the leader of the Umbra Scouts.

– Sorin Bane

Strong. Bold. A warrior supreme. There was no better choice for the Primogen Guard.

– Sora Bane

Seductive, yet classy, and a virtual mystery. The queen of aesthetics, she is the Primogen of Ceremonies.

– X’Agon Feral

So regal, so noble. A champion of justice and law. As Primogen Justicar, he is judge, jury and executioner to all.

– X’Kalivan Fade

He, who started it all, leads us to the future. He is our Lord, our king, the Primus of Endora.



Welcome. Welcome. Everyone.

With the city now built, and ever-expanding, all who wish to come are welcome, all may call it home.

After the battle of Endora, more goblins were found. Hiding from battle, they disobeyed their new Goblin King. A thief, a usurper, that is all they could see. For in the world of the Goblin only the strongest is king. The old Goblin King, too old and too weak but wisest of all, knew not to fight and stepped down from his throne. By X’Kalivan, given mercy and welcomed to stay, as Primogen of Lore, his knowledge of history was a boon to the city.

The rest of the goblins found jobs all around. To help and make coin, they loved their new town.

When Maple returned to her village of birth, she found it destroyed, full of death and decay. Those who survived now live in Endora.

More and more are coming to the city, Orcs and Elves and Catfolk and Dwarves. None are turned away.

Like the capital city of Pandoria, no discrimination exists. All are welcome in Endora. All are welcome to stay.



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