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The Ladder

The boy climbed the ladder to escape his eternal thoughts. 

Up the ladder, he went for there was the freedom he sought. 

Each step he takes to run away from his many mistakes. 

The boy climbed with all his might regardless of what his heart can take. 

The ladder began to shake, then the boy looked down in horror. 

The monster was slowly climbing the ladder, giving the boy thoughts of his impending slaughter. 

He continued to climb the ladder, ignoring the monster’s voice ringing in his head. 

“You can’t escape your true self.” The monster repeatedly said. 

The boy looked ahead, begging to see some sort of light. 

The monster asked the boy, “Why are you afraid to fight?” 

The boy ignored the monster as he continued to climb with all his might. 

“Why reject who you are?” the monster said, filling the boy with utter fright. 

The boy began to feel puzzled, wondering why this climb was so long. 

He wondered if running away was the right decision or was he truly wrong. 

The boy ignored his thoughts and mindlessly climb towards the top. 

The monster could be heard begging the boy to stop. 

The boy persisted towards the top, seeing a light towards the distance. 

He felt the monster’s hand around his ankle, holding it with such resistance! 

“Why reject yourself?!” the monster said as the boy screamed for help. 

The boy turned to look at the monster, seeing only himself. 

He didn’t understand what he was looking at, but he got out of the monster’s grasp. 

He hurried up the last few steps as he heard a sudden gasp. 

The monster fell, with tears in its eyes. 

The last words it said was, “Fear will lead you towards your untimely demise.” 

The boy climbed the ladder as the monster’s words continue to ring throughout his head. 

He didn’t understand what he saw or why it said what it said. 

The light grew even more as the boy reached for his salvation. 

As he went through the light, he was surrounded by such devastation. 

Remnants of his past, shattered, and old. 

What was that old saying? All that glitters ain’t gold. 

He sat in his mess, surrounded by the broken pieces of his life. 

He began to slump over as he felt the cold steel of a knife. 

He turned to see the monster staring back at him again. 

He said, “Fear will lead you towards your ultimate demise, time to go home, my friend.” 

He carried the boy down the ladder, paralyzed and broken inside. 

He thought he found salvation, but only met his demise. 

He began to close his eyes as a single tear rolled down his cheek. 

His soul left his broken body as he gazed upon a world so bleak. 

He gazed upon the monster and shined his light. 

The monster stared with malice in his heart, ready for one last fight. 

It launched at the boy, willing to consume the liberated soul once more

He yelled at the monster, “I can’t do this anymore!” 

The boy pushed the ladder over, letting the monster and his former self go. 

It’s time for him to be free. It’s time for him to grow. 

He went towards the light, free of what held him down and brought him pain. 

He found happiness again, never to let his freedom die in vain. 

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