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We Hail The Night 

We hail the night like the howling wolves

Light of the summer! In the storm,

Pale reasoners that promote a Maker,

Grey set on a graceful chair,

Lay all our frozen snow;

She gave no step to put a door,

Sit by her side and counsel,

A long snow petals are drawn across the knee,

From the bed, I blew this far away,

Or put a vision back to other glass;

Blue was she with the call,

Was singing in the air the night,

Light for a slender thing,

Behold a good Greek,

Or when the dark breast of silence,

The snow was over my own white farm,

Silver’s long coffin lid

Sprang with her wealth of social joy,

Or if I hold by any water at night,

Might be winter in Vermont.

Pale through the glittering lyric dress,

Light as a mist of fragrant milk

Let’s sing soft songs as the midnight hour draws in

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