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Air of a Circle

Love is transparent now,

you almost cannot touch

the breeze that stirs souls

and the spirit,

you go on using logic,

but there’s no meaning

to your steps.

What can you change

how will the new day

find you?

Going in circles

is not a loss,

you can see the same place

without having lost path

to inner longing

and the faith

that all will come right

with a drop of kindness,

changing hue of despair

into light of starting


It takes courage to try

once more,

treasure the place you’ve seen,

known sights are roots

to gather strength,

a way to go on

without letting go

of who you were

while resting thoughts

in rays of a new dream

uniting devotion with smiles,


the grace to shift,

become a home

for lonely souls.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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