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Almost Left Behind

Going too fast

or slowing down

at the wrong time.

How often did it happen

you found yourself alone when you thought

there were people

who cared about

or said

they wanted the same thing?


The road is open

but not all

who take it

will be in the same place.


You could meet some along the way

but they will have their path

and only share the road

until their turning comes

and takes them.


Enjoy the laughter,

merry talks

and the hugs that you get

and give.

They don’t come back,

they paint your soul

a different hue

from loneliness.


Stay or run steady

whichever way you choose

to live your life

or go for goals,

you’ll have a place

to come back when you feel

you must recharge

and do a circle

to what you were



You don’t get left behind

unless you chase something that’s not

for you

or for your soul.

On the right path to happiness

you can’t be slow or fast

just right

to meet it in the end

precisely when you think

it’s gone

and won’t come back

at all.


When you find kindness, love,

and step back from deceit

you’ll realize how much it matters

to go at the right pace.


No hurry or the need to race

can bring you faster to your goals.

If all you want is near

or glitters far ahead

there is no right or wrong

that could undo your path.


Don’t linger in the dark

because you don’t know what awaits

after the shadows go.

If what you see there glowing

are happiness and love

bring back

your courage.


Find it where

you never knew it’s hidden.

It’s yours, and you can always try

to live

like you have done before

and share

what sets you free.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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