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At Tea with Recollection

I sip and delve into a past

not long ago,

it could be years or moments,

places I’ve seen,

faces I hold dear,


what they meant in my path

how we keep

the link between hearts

in a silver steam,

today connects in mirrors

with what was once

and can come to pass

once again.

Orange glow in a cup,

a hazel memory of love

affection that stays close today,

no longer needing

fan of wishes

happy to be

in garden

of belonging.

One flower is still mine

to keep,

the one I cherish

in spirit of trust

tomorrow cannot break the link

that bridges now into a lace

of happy days

always today,

the next breath,

and what comes

from harmony seeping from cup

of tea and memories

walking into each gentle now.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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