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Before the Fall, Look Up

Horizon of another

belonging in a castle

of wishes told

and half-revealed

floating on golden carpet

that takes away desires

to turn them into flowers

raining petals

on happy thoughts.

If I paused for a second

to look around the cliff

would the fall make me wonder

if any bridge could take me here

to have talks with the clouds

whispering songs

of yesterday,

enlacing fingers

with each future

drop of rain.

Silver the waiting

hazy the end

can it all come to wonder

or will it stay

hidden in thunder

whisking away each fold,

a cloak of treasures in the dark

velvet embrace that frightens

specter of what cannot become.

I yearn to stay up in the clouds

I look up from ravine

of hopeless horror.

Where can I stay

where do I dare

to climb?

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Vocal

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