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Beginning, End, Start Again

How can I move along the waves

each whirlpool tearing me apart

further, loftier than the night

I want to say

how much I love you,

but I’m frozen

words won’t come out and smile

lingers in mockery

keeps face

strangled in never-ending plight

I care; I wish

how do I tell you that my heart

yearns to belong

won’t trust

unless you do it


An island full of wishes,

what came true

and what fled

have I abandoned hope and joy

to lonely wanderings

in spirit

above the sea or under,

in sunshine and forgotten twilight

loving you brought a candle.

Do I dare to go on

can I reach your soul,

hold your hand

will you be here tomorrow

or fly off on the breeze

ghost of longing

for ever-after


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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