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Besieged by Tears of Ash

You wish there were still salt

in your look

and the hurt you feel,

but now that suffering

has leaped to chasm

depth of feeling is melting walls,

tears are dried

and yet,

you know there is more to shed,

not in salt,

but ash to come.

What will you do

when pain doesn’t vanish

in cleansing water,

when crying helps you reconnect

to one world,

but you still can’t feel

the warmth from sunbeams

or the fragrance

of new beginnings


in your wake?

Are you condemned

to walk a trail

of misery,

can you rise above

all despair?

Tears of ash threaten

to take over

what’s left of joy

in your soul.

Their embers will not let live

one second of happiness,

they doom you to fall,

a precipice opens,

engulfs being,

your spirit has no shape now,

you are air

much thinner than a hope

a breeze of lost emotions,

you wish you could go back,


instead of blaming,

but some mistakes

are left undone

in dust of time.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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