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Burden of Love Gone

When no more love is there

to be shared

and bring light

to everyday things

that tear corners

of hearts, add fear,

doubt, annoyance,

the thought of burden comes to surface,

it makes you question

why you stay,

locked in a place

you don’t feel is your own


Don’t look sadly at what is gone,

you have loved

and been cherished

if today

is not full of trust,

look where devotion flies

when you are quiet and think

about flowers

the ones you’ve grown,

the fragrance

that welcomed every step

you took.

Don’t linger in a cellar,

go out to meet new light,

if you feel there’s a burden

on heart and soul

fly once again

find happy place

beloved in the now

future passion in waiting.

Excuses and regrets

can’t cover lack of love,

build the life you have dreamed of

starting this minute.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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