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Can I Dream with You?

Is it a choice

or just the wish

a spark that makes me feel

I’m flying

to you,

to us

beyond the limits of this world,

finding again

the garden that we shared,

the sunlit afternoons,

a cup of tea,

the flowers,

of one imagination

two mirrors

of united souls?

Come again to the little gate,

we can step in our garden

it doesn’t matter

if minutes or decades passed,

we are still young, old,

ready for another story

one that can take love

to corners of each cloud,

having moon hugs

and sharing wishes,

gliding on water

that turns silver

becoming once again

happy to be, look on

to what was

and could be


As long as you are here,

I don’t fear tomorrow

it will bring me your voice,

your look,

laughter to move the mountains,

smiles to melt frozen lake

leading to ocean


I trust you

with my dreams,

will you let me keep


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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