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Can’t Stay, Can’t Run

Numb sunshine

and this smile

feels frozen

heart can’t touch

the joy I used to feel

each time I heard your steps.

I longed for heartfelt laughter

and the walks

among the roses and twilight,

now spirit stays quiet

and locked

where did I lose the key

who stole

my happy place?

I wandered in a meadow

looking for your steps,

I found treacherous vipers,

muddy pebbles,

time stood still as I watched

sun dying among clouds

petals parching,

letting go of the light.

I lost a part of me

the day I found

you could move on,

not stay,

not go,

lingering sorrow in half-touch

bridge crumbling with trust,

regrets growing in cave

of new resentment.

All anger passed into the night,

shadow took over heart

and home,

I no longer get sad,

sunlight feels cold

and weak.

The one still here could be me,

mirror shows the same face

and colors,

a veil came down between us

since the road turned left,

I went right,

you didn’t reach my hand

didn’t miss touch,

can’t undo hurt

or freezing lake.

Mirror drops to the floor

a thousand shards show memories

of happy afternoons

and love

where did all go

and where are you


Sitting close to you, I see fog

can you come back and glow

a candle rushing in the night

I do,

I need you like before

can you be mine

in spirit of the snow

wildflowers peek at dawn

will they find us apart

or coming back

to that one soul

our home?

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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