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Colliding Spirits in Reflection

Fighting to harm or lose

the trace

of what could be the worst


paints ending in ways untold

by the spirit

while you go on

rushing into a war

of hearts.

Who will be left to tell

the story

of love, joy,

broken passion,

enduring spite,

or deceit,

climbing to heights

until no windows

show kindness to the passerby

and every traveler is lost

in fog of regrets

deeper than a precipice

of souls

taken apart?

Loss feels bitter, cold,

and no vengeance

can give you

what you yearn for.

Don’t go on hurting newcomers,

they have no part

in the story from long ago.

Ghost-ridden paths

will be cleansed

by lightning.

Conscience will take back

what was stolen,

if you are on the wrong side

of the night

your soul could be obliterated

into nothing.

Risk one heartbreak,

not one eternity

of pain

and loneliness.

Your spirit can fly

without hate,

let it be free,

now and for always.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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