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End Night of Sorrow

What if you didn’t stop

and stepped on

without question

not wavering when thoughts tell

you might not

be strong enough

to reach this peak,

the next,

the love you have your heart set on

but don’t dare to believe

you can

light up with your glow

in a storm

devoured by fears and passion?

Sailing on ocean with no guiding shore

a place to settle and let go

grow garden of peaceful desires

where you can be yourself

in harmony

with dreams that shimmer

can turn into a ghost

of what might be

if only you let now

drive out past dust from memory

add dew of kindness to your path.

Don’t linger in gray dusk,

your place is with the moon

blue light enters your soul

it will not leave you or abandon

the hopes you let bloom in your soul

without knowing they are

still with you.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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