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Fairies Answer the Child in You

In fairies and in tales

is where the love stays

wondering about magic

trying to cast a spell,

knowing you cannot be defeated

when your heart stays true

to kindness, compassion,

that’s what a book of old

holds in its covers.

It brings you back

to the child

that is still

in your eyes,

in one room of soul,

on castle of a wish

taken by wind

of play and laughter.

You are still waiting

for open gate

to portal of imagination,

to visit worlds where you can fly,

talk to each flower,

have paw handshakes,

start on adventures,

use magic carpet to come home

in just a second

or the next


In growing up, you set aside

free, roaming thoughts,

don’t abandon them in the attic,

they’re still yours

weaving each path

you take.

The way you see things

will be changed for good

if you let inner child play again,

see the magic

in everything around you.

There is a way

fairytales will show you the light

to past and present

on clouds of chance

and purple feathers

of one devoted song

that belongs in your heart

and breath.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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