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Finding Heart Mirror

Once there was only gray anticipation,

no yearning,

and no trust,

the good that came

was just an echo,

it only lasted for a second,

no joyful heart,

no love,

waterfall stayed unmoved

by ocean flowing into night

of heartache.

One morning breeze turned into dreams,

wind started dancing to a tune,

I didn’t know the words

melody drew my soul.

I let sadness stay

on the sill,

opened the door,

and rushed

into a sunlit garden,

hazy feelings

coming to rest

in shade, among the petals.

I couldn’t read the way

chasing the wind,

each step

happiness coming into smiles

one sunbeam at a time,

one hug,

one bloom that came to stay

on cheeks.

Smiles became loving looks,

the voice

I couldn’t help

caring and trusting,

fate was alight again,

no warning,

no bell to ring true

as night had sunk,

so had regrets melted


One puddle of dark songs


bundle of wishful weavings

lie in a cave,

anger dripping a stream,

I let go of what was,

loving the day you gave me,

asking each morning for a smile

yours, mine,

as it was then,

it stays.

Sunshine has found its corner

in home, in spirit,

and in joy

in playing hide-and-seek with fate

it gave me you

I gave myself

to love.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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