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Fly to Meet Sea, Under the Mountains

If you should ever fall,

lose your way,

glimpse the fog engulfing

your hopes,

the road that leads you home

forgotten for a while,

look to the moon

for guidance, the veil

that keeps soul bound to love

bringing back hearts from ocean

lost for minutes or lifetimes

in waterfalls

of other people’s emotions.

Trying to reach a peak

when you walk under mountains

may seem like cracking ice

to swim up on air and mirages

but there’s no end to spirit,

fan of imagination

leading you to a place

you keep within

and leads you on

to meet what you can be

and have become

with this new breath,

stepping into this second.

You can be anything you wish

setting limits is just a matter

of logic

that goes misty

when twilight descends on the senses.

You will soon realize

the only boundary to dreams

is seeing colors of the wind

of change.

As soon as hues meet fingertips

you’re ready to step up,

link roads to wishes,

float on wave of devotion

and find again what you yearn for

no matter if it’s been in attics

of a childhood

or locked with tender dreams,

the tiny butterflies

too shy to take flight yet,

spreading smiles every time

they take curious steps to meet

future of tender passion

that stays in your heart,

and won’t let you forget

who you are


© 2021 Amy Christie

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