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Gentle Leaves of Home

Have you lost your way in the ocean,

the countless paths

that lead you to new rivers,

never finding the shore

alighting to rest

and smile to the clouds

always searching

not knowing,

the answer to the question

that leads you on a quest?

In shades of soul,


devours passion

before you let go

and start again.

Let moon remind you

of the leaves,

ivy embrace of home

where treasures still await

your touch,

where everything glows

with your voice.

Follow blue light,

caress the waves your hopes

can still glide on


leave torment in a waterfall,

surrender soul

to sunshine

of the heart

and you will know each leaf

remembers you.

You still recall this ivy,

your friend from long ago,

waiting to welcome you

to hidden gate

that only heart can open

to your home.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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