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Handkerchief of Flying Thoughts

A trail of dreams

lingers in one idea,

the one I seek to catch

convince to stay

and travel with me

safe in a satin handkerchief,

where I hold precious thoughts,

close to my heart,

the love

that stays in memories

of yesterday,

inviting this breath

and the next.

In gliding on the mirror

of possibilities

I touch

the shards that could be me


the fragments of a crumbled yesterday

that let spirit soar higher

to next peak,

whispering of another day,

of moon talks

when the sun

is hidden by the velvet leaves

until dreams are strong enough

to bloom

in one song.

The tune that sets love free

shades of days

to be lived

in harmony of trust,

belonging in the garden

of turquoise hope

shimmering hazel

into sunrise

of life.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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