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I Keep You with Me, a Smile to Love

You couldn’t stay forever,

now I know

but when I was a child

I thought you left because of sadness,

that wind and storms had chased you far

into the clouds

not to be seen


Now I know you didn’t wish

to leave that morning

when we said

our last goodbye,

you left hold of my hand,

you never went far

from my soul.

Your love was magic,

nothing hidden, dark


one open look

of twinkle blue.

Your smile

held the world in one drop

of happiness,

it still does even now,

when I see photos

and remember

the way you looked at me,

encouraging, trusting me

to become

the best that I could be.

I’ve traveled a long road

since you went away

from our home

but I don’t feel I’m far

from your gaze and the love

we still share

in twilight.

When sun goes down

over the sea

I whisper to the moonbeams

how much I love you,

always will,

and I hear laughter in a splash

a friendly wave you send me as hug

to tell me I am loved

from now into eternity.

With you, I cannot lose


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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