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Icewind Rhyme, Frost Mermaid

If skating on a glass

brought you here,

to talk to wind

would you look beyond frosted words

trapped in unending circle

reflecting dancing mermaids

ensnared underwater,

frozen smiles

unmoving and undead,

not here,


in a forgotten song

that keeps on playing

in the night.

Icewind is here,

blazing curtain

searing gaze,

anguish and torment,

no hope to melt the hail,

no grace

to bring back grass

and flowers.

Try to smile, and you’ll stay

locked in forever gaze

the wind abhors joy,

and each hug,

keeps forlorn faces smiling

while despair grows in souls

turning the clock another time,

second, a thousand.

Why did you come here

and who stayed

are you a ghost,

a specter,

or a wraith

can you find peace in spring,

does sunlight hurt your spirit

and lets darkness climb

higher, loftier

and in anger

at what you’ve lived

and cannot feel


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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