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Lie Still in Raindrops

Your words echo in heart,

they make me doubt what I have seen

I wonder if it was a dream,

a phantom coming down,

pacing my garden and alighting

on porch

to have some tea,

talking about past lives,

the feathers,

that landed on each petal

from a different world.

And still,

it was you talking to me,

I know that from your eyes,

your soul may be in hiding,

but you were here,

smelled the roses,

told me about wishes

you made decades ago,

entrusting me with treasures

no one else saw

in the rain.

Now, as the gate of recollection

starts to close in on me

and you appear

to have forgotten what we were

I doubt again

what could the talks

have been meant for?

Was it the breeze bringing the words

and you just nodding to the wind,

did we connect in truth

are we still meant to be

as one in shades of time?

Smile once again,

let me know

you still want to stay

I will give you the flowers

to remind you of love,

inside and around,

emotions flow on wings

of twilight.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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