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Love Hidden in Each Lie

What can reveal your feelings,

if words will not show

the way

inside your heart?

You weave a lace of stories,

but none can stand

the light of day,

when questioned,

you move

in the shadow,

when hurt,

you vanish

with no trace.

If despite the half-truths,

the lies,

there is still passion

and affection,

beyond words

and the meaning

in your every gesture

is tenderness,

not deceit,

find a way to link to my song,

bring back the tune

without a word.

Don’t whisper

I will look

at what you do,

hoping there is a different person,

one heart waiting

to meet mine

in genuine harmony.

Not of this world,

not of the next

our link won’t be dissolved

by angry words,

vague threats.

Be here with your soul,

make up lies

for another ear,

if you still can’t bear

to say what’s inside your heart,

let wind keep us together,

until you’re ready.

With open heart

there can be love,

maybe a lie is just another path

to seek entwined truth

in belonging.

Stay only if you cherish

this place,

our home.

If ice reigns in your spirit,

be on your way

to fiery horizon,

touch what moves you

even if I will not be there

to see you


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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