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Magic of Lost Moments

Was it a waste

to give so much love

and not find

any affection in return?

Do you feel you have made a gift

of your soul

that will not come back

taken by waves

of anger or deceit?

What was given is not

parted from you,

the kindness in you stays,

it cannot go from heart

unless you crumble goodwill

and stay in a fog

that doesn’t let you breathe

the air of compassion.

If no love was sent to you

on wings of happy ever after,

don’t abandon the road,

go on,

your steps will lead you

to one kindred heart,

you will be loved for yourself

if only you find patience

in destiny

of silken tenderness.

You are stronger than loss,

you can shine in the dark,

release the phantoms

trying to engulf

joyful enchantment

glowing in your songs.

You are meant to be happy,

stars will land

on your windowsill

at the right time.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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