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Night Settles Clues

The road to you is dark,

should I wait for new day,

to guide me and protect,

to reach out for one song

or should I go on now,

in case your flame gets dim

and morning shows no trace

of who you were

or where you last stepped

on your way

to higher dreams?

A story that was ours

turned murky

and distress

entered back door,

started reining

each afternoon

in thoughts, words,

cutting songs

until anger and anguish

were please to stay for tea,

no memories of happy times,

on lips that have forgotten

what a smile feels like

and the warmth

it spreads inside.

I still come in your wake,

hoping for second chances,

to see our garden bloom

in recollection building future

the seconds when hearts fluttered

can’t be gone on a whim,

deceit, annoyance will be gone

if I can look again

in your eyes

and see hopes reflected

in loving gaze I yearn

to embrace once again.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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