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Petals of Yellow Hope Lead Me to You

On wings of dreams

or on a golden petal

fragrance of light

embraces me

and I see you

once more.

The precious love

I found in your gaze

is untouched

no dew has fallen

to dim heart

spirit plays free,

waiting for song

the words I still remember

but would tell no one

except you.

Come down from fountain

of wishes unfolding

you are the one

I long for.

Let sunshine glow on face

smile to me

with your heart.

I would know your soul

in a sea

of dark ghosts

reaching fingertips.

In you, I find my solace,

the grace I need to go on

and belong

in one sunset of flowers

flowing on lake of tomorrow


by rays of morning light.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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