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Pretender and Beguiled

You smile, come close,

we dance in words

and find a road

that connects steps to hearts,

but is it meant to last,

how do I know,

you’re not pretending to be here

when your thoughts fly

the other way?

I don’t feel honesty shines out,

words linger in the air,

I love their sound

but they don’t come close

to what heart

needs to hear.

That ring of love,

the truth in kind affection,

is not there in your eyes,

I search, and I feel splashes,

I keep falling in puddles,

whenever I come out,

the next step

has me falling


How can I find my way

if you have closed all doors?

Unlock the gate

so, I can at least go,

with half my heart

still whole.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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