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Rain on Fire, Skyway

A flame keeps burning in the night

is it daytime inside

how did it come to this,

the veil has crossed

beyond words that could be forgiven,

out in the dark

where no roads guide

soul whispers in the breeze,

no voice to hear,

and no hearts

to smile.

Coals burn deeper,

each thought

travels in seconds to a precipice

it rains, it’s heavy,

and it’s cold,

too warm while conscience burns

regrets, fears untold

what shore can keep your heart

at peace?

Ocean will burn

if you spill darkness in the waves

fan twilight wind

to clouds,

drip hurt into unending fire

searing pain

will mute calls for wild love

run faster than the sun

clouds gather to end hope

go higher, darker

shore lies open to seagulls

can you fly

on wings of despair?

Love burns in rain of cinders

glowing into a storm of thoughts

you wish, you want,

hope thrown to one side,

and this hail

beats heart into unmoving loss

what can you feel now,

what can bloom

when love is broken

in a thousand mirrors

never to be whole,

not together,

unfastened, lonely

in abandoned thorns?

Drops fall on cheeks,


cold embrace

numbs smile,

you keep on grinning

into ghost life,

ever after

starts now.

Go deep inside sea cave,

gather mauve expectations

throw ashes to the wind

do you still hope

good can descend,

do you deserve

to feel joy

and be loved

once more?

Rain falls in fire, anguish,

you leave a trail of torment

behind, ahead,

back into night

you’re hidden

and will stay unseen,

yearning dashed

under pounding slate

soul whispers still,

one more

one time

one love

one way,

your road to sunlight.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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