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Sachet of Wishes, Enchanted Paws

Is there a tiny dream

that hasn’t come to pass,

one that a kitten

entrusted to the rainbow

hoping it will come back

to play and spread joy

for the love,

a home for paws with each treat,

a family happy to have furry hugs

and the purrs

while sharing smiles

in harmony and tenderness?

Kittens make wishes too,

they know each butterfly

and heart talks are the same

for paws and those

who can speak or sing

in a different voice.

The wind knows all of us,

it takes the butterflies,

carries them gently to sunbeams

where wings turn into gardens

and wishes walk

on path of dreams

where anything is possible.

I wish for paws,

their love

is my one happy place.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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