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Set Souls Aglow

It’s not gifts or appearance

there’s more to what meets souls

than what your eyes

can see.

Do you feel you can bond

only with looks, nice words,

or do you search

deeper connections

under the sea

of shallow talk, the compliments

that resemble the noise

made by the passing crows

none looking down to you

or caring

if you smile or frown?

Choose souls that meet your own

in one embrace of trust,

passion, devotion,

and unbending kindness

will set one embrace

on fire of hearts.

Only drops of goodwill can soar

to touch one peak of recollection

the necklace filled with love

that you wear every time

you exchange one gaze,

see the smile,

lighting up your own

passion to be

and fly

above gray twilight.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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