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Shining Through Blight

Do you imagine leaves

letting go of their home,

on branches

to lie on the ground,

forsaking all connections,

to what they used to know,


of new beginnings,

in fall embrace,

ridden by winter blizzard?

What if sunshine looks different

seen through a leaf,

emotions raw

on first sight

can be friends,

rely on first impressions,

but only when you filter

thoughts in a leaf

dreams on sunbeams

touching, caressing

velvet red hug

that lasts this minute,

stays imprinted on heart,

follows steps to a new


Be ready for light,

keep your flame burning,

share candles in the sea

of love,

float on waves of compassion,

strength will not come from abyss

of envy, deceit,

in helping, you grow younger,

in choosing kindness,

you bloom wishes

to enchanted gardens

where flying is the way

to walk,

where talking is in songs.

You know them,

you’ve been singing

all this time.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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