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Slay Dreams, My Own

What stops a dream unfolding

and how do meanings end,

when is the time

to forget

what you most wanted

and go forth

in fog or forest?

A dark shadow

leaves no traces on bodies,

maims spirits

for a lifetime

of grieving,

with wishes are destroyed,

vanquished from living


Are you the one

killing a dream,

your own wish,

belief in better tomorrows,

do you stop trying in distress,

when you see there’s no end

to storms

and hurtful words,

painful remembrance

of one life spent in pleasing


but yourself?

Where are you in this forest,

which tree is still

your own?

Have lost all excitement,

can you believe something good

is about

to happen?

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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