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Snow Flowers Hold Your Longing

A frozen cloak covers all you can see,

wind whispers

on white ocean.

Love stays safe

in warm, happy places,

seldom roaming outside

unless birds bring it

on their wings

to see sunshine

and play,

remember what it used to be

when summer caressed

leaves and petals

lighted the way

behind the magic curtain

one discovery

of enchanted wings.

To have and hold

for life,

to be at one

on sunbeams,

one delight holding true

through decades of longing thoughts

that stay cold,

winter will not release you

from icy embrace

if you don’t find happiness


Let joy glow on your face,

seep soul in one lake

of devotion,

wash face free of sad memories,

step forward into spring,

receive snow flowers

on your cheeks

their fragrance stays

close to your soul

to kindle hope and kindness

one light to guide

in love with everything around you.

You are the one who gives life

to places, people,

and the passion

flowers sing of the time

to come

and what you can be.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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