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Souls Come Alive in Midnight Rustle

What moves your spirit

on trails of moonshine beyond desert

of passion

lost in battle to peaks you’ve yet to touch?

Do you think only about winning,

no second guesses on the puzzle

that makes hearts whole,

rushing brooks in a clear stream

on silver path to conscience

and emotion?

Your soul is not hidden for good,

it may not dare to utter words,

release conscience from struggle

add fragrance to your victories,

bring all the goodwill

in one drop of kindness

that makes winning worth trying,

failing, learning again,

in velvet rustle,

a shower of leaves,

falling at midnight,

when moon comes for talks.

Blue light whispers and sings,

your soul will know the words,

don’t try to remember the tune,

it’s in your heart,

the lyrics will be gone

when you wake up tomorrow.

Keep the glow you are given

each twilight,

on moonbeams of grace.

They will lead you to wishes

make dreams come true

in purple lace of gliding feathers

that touch crystal lakes

of one memory,

all that you were,

and will be if only

you can sing again.

Only your heart knows the song,

no one can teach you or compel

to follow the embrace

on threads unseen,

stronger than silk,

keeping this world connected

to clouds and rainbows

in a dusk

dotted by recollection.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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