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Speck of a Dart

Is it easy to see

the shades caressing every moment,

how music comes out

in the silence,

a song

that none can hear,

unless they’re looking

for inner self

and inspiration?

What goes on every day

touches your world,

the way you take when hurt

or happy

lets others know

if you are kindred soul

or worlds apart.

No matter if you linger

in the gray,

one cup of doubt

is worth more

than a lifetime

of regrets.

Ponder the new horizon


in the night.

Is it what you desire

or what others

told you

that you must try

to reach?

Is your soul breathing

or is it muted

in steps toward

what you have never dreamed of?

Are you strangled

by foreign wishes

not your own?

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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