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Stay Close, If Only in a Dream

I held your hand so tight

and yet I lost it,

not you,

but the warm hugs

are not mine anymore.

I know you still care

like I do

but now we cannot meet

see faces, smiles,

only memories bind

the covers of our book.

What used to be

is still so strong,

it hasn’t dimmed

despite long years

without you.

I keep you with me,

your hopes and dreams,

they have become

a part of me.

I strive each day

to make you proud

to see each butterfly

as tender wings

that can still tell

stories of love

the past weaved in the now.

With you, there is a future

close to my soul

your gentle smile

leads me to be the best

that I can be,

for what you wished

and I dream

to belong in tapestry

of love that cannot be forgotten

on sands of time.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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