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Stray Portal into Wonder

I raced to get first to this cliff

but I’m alone

higher than might,

unleash the dream,

I still want to share what I feel,

smile and see light

when you smile back.

Where have you gone,

why are you feeling at home

in the shadows?

Wandering among clouds

stops flight, desire on a whim

you look to see the light,

sunrays tap on your sill

why look down when you’re up

is your world turning wild,

are you the one in love,

in sight, among the trees

growing your spirit roots

stepping into sunshine.

In candles,

I hold your hand,


you soar beyond my touch

what is this gate

you’ve crossed?

I try to follow, fingers itch

excitement burns, willing to leap

faith in a song,

hopes dashing to new road

but key is lost,

I call your name,

you don’t turn

can you hear or recall

my voice,

our love?

Back stays turned to the light

shadow has taken you,

when you crossed, it was sunny

but all the light stayed here,

left behind.

I took your candle

and my own,

can you come back,

carry the roses, smiles,

together, garden breathes,

alone, petals lose heart

parched leaves, and petals mute

waiting for the one step

and tune.

Can it still come

night vibrates on new song,

embers or gloom,

bliss or pursuit,

claws touch tomorrow.

Together and at peace

shatters in howling race

marshland of feelings deep,

do you know who you are

to me, to love,

to flowers that shed tears

and sigh at every step?

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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