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The Silver Reaper That Brings Hope

What does a blade sound like

when swords go swishing

in the air then down,

to take out flowers, trees,

a life,

a silver glinting followed swiftly

by dark movement,

the will to do a bidding?

But is it a dark mark,

desire to end strife,

different opinions

or the beauty

that stays in the heart

of each leaf?

A silver reaper is not dark,

the shimmer before taking away

what was young, old,

about to travel

to a different world

can take in compassion,

if sought in spirit.

At the last hour

when no sand

can cover time moving ahead

a silver reaper answers prayers

coming from up above,

a dying wish

stilling life for one second

adding a mesmerizing touch

to the start

of another dream.

Not here,

but tomorrow

hope will be born


© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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