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Time and Again, Come Back

You go; I run to the next bridge

I look back

wish to see again

the home that loved our laughter,

the orchard we grew in the summer,

why can’t sunshine stay

in all seasons

where did hugs fly

and why clouds turn

into a night

of feeling?

Together or apart

I sense your every wish,

every time I smile

I feel you

smile back

connected, far away

we will meet

once again.

No love is lost

if souls can stay together,

home at twilight

finding new bridge

to hold hands

on the spirit journey

that looks back to us

and our song.

A melody still longs

to hear our steps

to spread the ivy

on garden gate, a key

storms will not melt compassion

there’s still a way

to you and me

if only we can find


One road is empty,

dust closed in on breath

lightning strikes every wish,

another way

deep under mountains,

moonbeams asunder,

still waits

for us to come

my name, your heart

belong in twilight wish

a silver stream of long-awaited joy

brings smiles from yesterday.

Now is forever

why waste another minute

home, hearts


Come back,

stay for a second,

a lifetime,

love cannot count heartbeats

it flows on never-ending


Where does me end,

becoming us

my voice, yours,

is my happy place

time and again

sorrow and sunny tears.

You’ve been away

I was gone in a nightmare,

dreams flow to spirit

one more time

let’s make it last a breath,

a century,

this lifetime,

our waterfall

in rainbow.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

Originally published on Medium

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