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Under a Bridge of Hollow Words

Is nothing worth the time

when leaves land on a porch,

greeting blades of grass

that miss spring

welcoming whispers

of the fall?


is not that far behind,

it will come to engulf

all dreams

in cloak of wonder,

a safe sleep under layer

of snow in colors

of the soul.

If you feel there’s a burden

that doesn’t let you speak out,

your mind

will travel that much faster

once you move away

from the bridge

that covers your horizon.

You can dream and wish


above the clouds

and purple ocean

that comes across your vision

late at night

when you feel tired after swimming

into a torrent of new dreams

that don’t belong to you.

Build you own walls

love the shore that calls out

if mermaids ask you

for moon talks

don’t hide your smile,

they know you

from centuries back, the last time,

you touched the turquoise glow

that comes with tides,

keeping a part of your soul,


coming back.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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