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Unwind Past, Present Touch

It took a hand of time

to lead me back

then home again.

I only have to look inside

and I see what was here,

in front of me

the fireplace becomes

the setting and the scene

I see with eyes of now,

feelings that were before

intense, now glowing still

no matter how much time between

the moments I was me

now and then.

Unwinding seconds comes close

to standing in the way of stars

meeting yourself

in past remembrance,

lessons learned since,

regrets folded,


each second that goes back

doesn’t hurt spirit

or the love.

I live yesterday

in a heartbeat.

The one I was is still here,

this room,

holds soul

young, old,

starting again,

ending a path,

stepping in ocean,

floating on rivers of chance,

where nothing is promised forever,

but love resides

in flowers and the leaves

that travel to unite hearts searching

a way of spirit in the purple

horizon of hope to be touched,

inside a dream that steps


into this day.

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pixabay

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