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Vanishing Light, Darkness Serene

In my heart stays a wish

the one I never told

and couldn’t show,

the way to climb above the clouds

tear wall of fear and let love

run free, wildflowers

in my veins

becoming and adoring whirlwind

it never came to pass

the gate

is now closed, and the key

is gone

vanished from this life

or another.


awaits regretful passion

what never was still lingers

perilous dive into an ocean

sorrow reaching claws in the dark

it could be friend but fangs

tell you to run and stay

on sunlit sill.

Darkness slays lost souls

covers wounds

screams muffled in velvet embrace

poisonous smiles that lead to end

of all tomorrows.

Specters come down,

walk among love,

make sunshine feel like burden

have you heard whispers in the shade

are you tempted to cross

threshold of one redemption

into foul water,


and there’s no salvation.

Water becomes your heart

bones choke good wishes

and each smile,

heart stops mid-air,

no bridge to stand on,

no forgiving hand,

only the darkness

takes your sky.

Where can you go

who will you turn to

as the night

falls deep

inside your peace?

Is there grace in the dark

can you still pray

when everything you love

is stabbed, betrayed?

An angry wind touches your cheek

you reach to feel the blade

steel meets your touch

gentle look gazes back

a butterfly rests on your shoulder,

you move,

what used to be a dream

becomes winged nightmare

of destruction.

Where is mercy

and care

have you become

your own sinister rival

in the dusk?

© 2022 Amy Christie

Photo credit: Pexels

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