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For those of us who dared to climb up the rocks

Has just found the left overs of the people of past

For the souls shall be treated souls , they screamed

For the beloved has no cast , colour , nation and even self.

They screamed all, that was not observed by us

the finity of time , the finity of love and the finity of warmth

the selfishness of humans and the selflessness of animals

They screamed

run for the love , not possesions

dare to climb and see us, for we are the messengers of truth

longing for you to visit us, to visit us.

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  1. “The selfishness of humans, the selflessness of animals.” I think of this often. Animals show unconditional love and they work together as a team. They see no color or perceived flaw of physical appearance in their fellow-creatures. They help each other out. We can learn a lot from animals.