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They Followed Him When They Heard the Sound

None left to tell the tale of the great fall

When they
Heard the sound
Sweet tunes
Filled with glory
Heaven bound.
Like no other
Who had come before
A pure piper
Prosperity sure
A far brighter promise
The future’s reward
Destiny big and bold.
All would be blessed they were told
If they might yet pretend
That he held all the answers
To questions no one could recall
After all, who else might be
To cut through their distress so deep?
So they ran to the cliffs high above
To capture their new found kingdom
Anticipation thick as the clouds
And not one dared lay bare their eyes open
Nor betray their great savior divine
Driving motion clear over the far edge
Paid the piper with their final curtain call
None left to tell the tale of the great fall.

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Copyright © 2021, Robert G. Metivier. All Rights Reserved.

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Inspired by St. John’s Book of Revelation, the Pied Piper myth, Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Emperor Has No Clothes” and William L. Shirer’s “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

A New Syllabic Form -  Culminating 30 – a poem of 30 alternately increasing/decreasing intertwined lines in the syllabic format by Michael Hall.

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