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Where There Is Light 

Where there is light, I endeavor to go.

Even a tiny steam in the crack of a heavily paneled wall–I will welcome. A drop I drink and name it Summer–an antidote to the endless winter my mind appears to be.

Where there is light, I seek to sow.

Shreds of paper with ideas buried in the freshly tilled earth. The blooms I caress, allowing their aroma to overwhelm my senses–an antidote to the static that numbs me now.

Where there is light, I hope to know.

Familiar faces of strangers exist as potential connections. Their laughter I share, permitting myself simple pleasure–an antidote to the empty chambers of my heart.

Where there is light, I learn to show.

Love, once foreign, is now a familiar tune. Each lyric I memorize, reclaiming myself in verse–an antidote to the years I spent in voiceless exile.

Image Credit: OC Gonzalez on Unsplash
I originally published this piece on Medium
©Heather Martin, 2022

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