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But I’ve Never Owned a Raincoat

I’ve never owned a raincoat.

Tears have always hit the cloth on my chest.

When I want to to warm up the world,

I continue to shake.

I’ve become dampened.

Falling into puddles repeatedly just shows how I bruise.

Not having the protection and guidance caused my bones to ache.

Whenever there’s someone I hope to reach, they always seem to go away.

In a time where I’m supposed to know myself, it feels like I’m all gone.

Though I’m right here and capable, I cannot find a way to speak to anyone else at all.

Why do I scream at people who display that they are deaf?

Who push me, put me away, and poke their fingers into my heart.

Each jab is like a shard piercing its way through.

I know the world thinks it’s a sin for merely loving you.

Though I keep shivering and ripping this all apart, it seems I might be the one without a smidgen of depth.

See, I’ve never owned a raincoat,

simply because it feels wrong.

I shouldn’t wear something that just doesn’t belong.

Mar 23, 2018

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