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A free-verse poem about forgiveness and setting our minds free from that which torments us.

free use image, Pixabay

Vitriol pierces the heart so much easier
when you are on the outside looking in,
– seeing happiness, other people’s happiness,
just through the gate.

Life has many gatekeepers.
Sometimes, those gatekeepers 
deem you unworthy, clanging shut;
iron mechanisms slamming into place.

Sounds, thoughts, memories, and all that anger
 – they are bars in a prison of our own making. 

Do not blame the gatekeepers.

Do you not know that when you are angry
so many more doors remain shut for you?

Forgiveness, as hard as it is to swallow down,
though it sticks in your throat, a dry pill,
though it hurts your heart to admit your wrongs,
though it screams against your breathing…

Forgiveness swings open that gate.


Thank you for reading. Just getting my poetic feet wet here on the Simily platform. Let’s make poetry matter here. I look forward to your thoughts on the poem, how it made you feel, what images worked for you, and what parts were meaningful to you.

Man, it felt good to write a poem today. 

Christina Marie

Author & Poet. Books: organic, fireflies, and Verse by Candlelight

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    1. Thank you for reading, Leroy. I had the misfortune of a bad experience this weekend with someone who used to be a family member but is now divorced from the family. They left some REALLY nasty comments on one of my loved one’s posts and it got me to thinking about how unforgiveness can keep us as a prisoner of our own making, This poem was born from those thoughts.

      1. Thank you for reading, Christine. The vitriol that can come from unforgiveness, hanging onto old wounds, can eat one from the inside out, and spills into the lives of others. I have a saying I often remind myself of: “Love prevails.” Eventually.