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Infinity x Infinity

Only half living

two lifetimes of pain;

wounded spirits, suffering

nearly driven insane.

A million tears shed

by each half, the soul;

hearts heavy and sad

though surprisingly whole.

Living their lives,

each destined by fate,

to search for the other,

their one true mate.

Forty years would pass

this lifetime around;

each starting to doubt

they would ever be found.

Alone, finally broken

they looked up above;

each asking for mercy

and begging for love.

At last, their prayers heard,

their journeys, done;

rejoined, together again,

two souls became one.

“I gave you your twin

to bring you to me;

to restore your hearts,

to set you free.”

A miracle, a gift,

a love so pure;

now joined as one

let forever endure.

Tears of joy, not sorrow

as they laugh and play;

enjoying the moments

each glorious day.

Staring at the one

they hold very dear;

saying prayers, giving thanks

each time they are near.

Holding each other

so tender, so tight;

giving thanks to the Gods

for setting things right.

Twin souls, twin flames

together at last;

a spiritual love

transcending the past.

A love so intense

flames burning, heat;

twice infinite is love

when twin flames meet.

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