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…AS Conversation speaks with the dead…

Biographical background facts about King Dostoevsky removed him from his throne to me

The lord of existentialism and that psychological bent on the human condition

has become human all too human to see

I try not to do it too often, read their magic and try and guess at the man behind it all

When it’s ripped away, I can often pray at the meagre product of his times that they’ve chronicled

Do I wish a fastidious plague upon myself?

Sometimes, absolutely, nothing else…

Life is generally good but laden

with inherent suffering

that with a few adjustments

could be neutralised


and given to you as a gift when you’re snowed under…

Knut Hamsun’s bio made sense too me, he gave himself away almost gleefully

Knowing the conundrum of quixotically puzzling enigma he was sure too be

You can’t teach brilliance, it’s born and cultivated

wished for and hopefully anticipated by an audience ready to be appreciated for

decades and lifetimes to come…

I can’t help but think of all the genius that has gone undiscovered, lying on the ground

It’s reason to live your most precious words until they appear worn and thrown away

Because when it reaches termination, whenever that may be

yourself, your words, you laugher shall be out there, a shortcut! ready to be found…



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