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A poem from a mere poet, a lover of words and other strange things !!

Image by Henryk Niestrój from Pixabay

Stereotypical by D St James

Time cannot only take it away

Distort the meanings of complications

A hopeless bore and hypocrite

Our modern climate of opinion

There can be no doubt or could there?

A fantastic romantic, playing the game

Our modern age has lost our cultural cleft

Valid sense and superior to judgments

Justified in calling it, despair

A crucial question awaits the leader of men

In proclaiming either or - or

Which life-view is life-affirming

Might it lose its appeal inevitably

A portrait of the pinnacle know-hows

Affect ones value-horizon in a way

Predilection for the aesthetic nature

Fulfilling and plausible as it appears

The modern hero, rich, egocentric,

Tragically melancholy, excitingly nihilistic

But daringly imaginative - a fool

A stereotypical culture portrait

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D St James 🎭

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